Cursed Blessing

LeDuc weaves a spellbinding tale of suspense in this first of his trilogy. The protagonist —Brent Venturi—is a well-defined character who, as LeDuc flawlessly pens him, is not who you think he is. This is a great introduction to Venturi and his supporting cast. The action propels the reader forward with the need to know not only what’s going to happen, but how it will be accomplished.
With the thrust of action, I couldn’t help but continue turning the pages. And now that the stage has been set, clarifying Venturi and his abilities, I can’t wait to delve into the second in LeDec’s trilogy—Cursed Presence.
-Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina

Author of In the Name of Revenge and Deadly Decisions for ARR Editing

In this intense, nail-biting thriller, the battle between good and evil and the fate of humanity rests in the hands of an elite group: The Phantom Squad.  Faith is tested, courage is wielded, and weapons are ready, but love is the world’s only hope. I predict J. M. LeDuc’s trilogy will be a best-selling series.

So buckle up . . . it’s going to be a thrilling ride!
-Marsha Glenn, Editor of International Best Sellers including, A Child Called “It”, The Lost Boy,

A Man Named Dave, and select titles of Chicken Soup for the Soul series.   

Cursed Presence

Cursed Days

Just when you thought, Satan was back in his box, “Evil finds a way. J.M. LeDuc has delivered again! “Cursed Days” is a heart pounding, adrenaline filled trek across the globe that will leave you breathless. From traitors among their trusted allies, to kidnapping of their loved ones,

the Phantom Squad must race against time and Evil to save their world and ours.​
J.M. masterfully captures you, and transports you inside the SIA. Whether it’s deciphering cryptic messages, like Robert Langford in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, or the skilled sharpshooter Grayson Pierce of the Sigma Force in the James Rollins series, J.M. makes you an elite team member. Always expect the unexpected with J.M. Leduc., and you will not be disappointed.​ So secure your parachute, because J.M. promises to drop you dead smack in the middle of Hell. Take a good look around your little world because it’s all about to change. Thank your Gods that, “Men don’t break their promises. The Sheriff carves another notch in his gun with “Cursed Days.”​

-Leslie Borghini aka Angel of Horror​, Author of “Angel Heat”



Take The Da Vinci Code, Silence of the Lambs, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Unit, and 24, add some twists and turns and you have Cursed Days. As a writer of provocative humor, I thought I had an imagination. But, J.M. LeDuc is in another world. Cursed Days is book three of the Trilogy of The Chosen. Although it stands on its own, I would read the Trilogy in order to better keep track of the characters and plots. The story is fiction. However, I sure hope God is on the side of the good guys, as The Chosen suggests. This book gets five stars.
-Bob E Sherman, Author and freelance writer



Often I read second or third of a series or a trilogy and they tend to fall flat. But not “Cursed Days.” If anything, this is the best of the three. Brent Venturi is back and is better than ever. LeDuc’s action takes us into the world of the greedy and the evil. Bringing the Phantom Squad with him once again, Venturi is on a mission, one driven by God.

Red is out to not only steal the third Ark of the Covenant but to also take the first two to join them altogether. During what seemed like a wild goose chase, Brent is faced with one challenge after another and it doesn’t end when he gets back home. It just begins. In Palm Cove, his faith is tested to its limits and it may be one time his faith will not see him through.
I can’t spoil the ending, but believe me when I tell you how shocked I was, and it takes a lot to surprise me.
This is one book you have to pick up. It is helpful if you read the first two before this, but if you happen not to, you will still enjoy it. An outstanding story that will be hard to put down. Kudos to LeDuc!
Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “One Major Mistake”




LeDuc once again takes us on an adventure with his Christian protagonist, Brent Venturi, and his SIA team. Often, by the third book of a trilogy, we feel obligated to finish, but not with Cursed Days. The novel starts with intrigue and action and never stops as we globe trot with these tough- as- old- bomber- jackets, covert Christians as they face betrayal, murder, and revenge. LeDuc has outdone his previous work with this one. Get in on this mission and hold on!"
-Patrick Kendrick, Author of Extended Family
and Papa's Problem, a Florida Book award Winner​


"Stunning suspense.

J.M. LeDuc's CORNERSTONE is the kind of book that will make you forget life's obligations and have you rivited to your chair flipping pages and making you believe you're actually an intregal part of the Phantom Squad, the inner circle, protecting the President and loyal to the Ambassador to the power punched end."

-Sandra Brannan, author of the acclaimed Liv Bergen Mystery Series

Whether it be a conference room or deep inside catacombs that are remnants of a true Empire, this author makes you feel as if you’re part of the scene. I have a very short list of the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to writing, and this author is most definitely at the top of that list.

With Cornerstone, readers will once again be thrilled beyond belief as they stand by the side of Colonel Brent Venturi. He’s the bravest of the brave, but also has the ability to see the truth and listen to the One voice who’s constantly speaking yet rarely heard.

What’s the conclusion? Cornerstone is a TOP PICK for 2013 when it comes to action, emotion and pure entertainment!















“J.M. Leduc’s “Sin” is a bone-chilling tale that’s as cautionary as it is timely. This blistering thriller brilliantly re-imagines the Florida of James W. Hall and John D. McDonald, serving up a powerful female protagonist who’s every bit a match for the low-lifes and corrupt power mongers who stretch all the way to the unfriendliest part of Central America. The title represents a double-entendre all onto itself, just one of the many highlights of a book chock full of them. “Sin” is a seminal tale sure to stay with you long after the final page is flipped and make you long for the next entry in what is sure to be a stellar series.”

—Jon Land, bestselling author of “The Tenth Circle” 

“J. M LeDuc has written an action-packed sizzler of a novel with “Sin,” kicking off a new series that introduces readers to the “beautiful and bodacious” FBI agent Sinclair O’Malley. From the second she roars up to a colleague’s funeral on her vintage Harley, it is clear that the people who have been killing fellow agents and murdering young girls are in for trouble. Sin’s return to her home turf on Tumbleboat Key will pack more power than a hurricane roaring up the Florida coast as she cuts a swath through the most evil cast of villains you’d never want to meet. Fast-paced and pulsating with energy. LeDuc has a winner with “Sin.” What a woman!”

—Paul Kemprecos, #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Grey Lady”

Painted Beauty

“Painted Beauty is a suspenseful, action-packed, thriller and Sinclair “Sin” O’Malley is an altogether appealing and kickass protagonist. Beauty with a beast inside, Sin takes no prisoners. Spending some quality time with Sinclair O’Malley may just be the sweetest literary sin you ever commit.”   
—Michael Lister, NewYork Times Best Selling author of Innocent Blood   
"J.M. Leduc does it again!  Sinclair O'Malley is back in the biker's saddle riding herd on mayhem and the malign in PAINTED BEAUTY, a tale with more twists and turns than a double-jointed rhumba dancer.  Leduc's precise strokes of expert narrative and confident plots paint such a vivid picture, so colorful and unexpected, that I found myself hopelessly offering myself to Sin's dream world just so I could stay there a little bit longer.  Everybody needs a Sin in their lives.  She's the daughter I never had and always feared I deserved." 
—Sandra Brannan, author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series 

"As twisted and disturbing as a fun house mirror, Painted Beauty explores the sometimes fragile line between creativity and madness, taking the reader along for one heck of a ride."

—Lisa Clark O’Neil, author of the Southern Comfort series

"J.M. LeDuc’s words burn up the page. You're not just turning them, you're in a constant race to beat the scorch marks created by his blistering plot. There are books that keep you up all night, desperate to know what happens next, how they play out. These are the kind of books I love as a reader. They're the kind of books that made me want to be a writer in the first place. J.M. LeDuc is the real deal. Painted Beauty is a blazingly good read."

—Steven Savile, international Best Selling author of “Silver.”

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